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All you need is kill - Takeshi Obata


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"All You Need Is Kill", a new manga drawn by Obata Takeshi (the artist of Hikaru no Go, Death Note and Bakuman) based on a light novel written by Hiroshi Sakurazaka. I’m a fan of Obata’s art so this has been on my radar for a while. I’ve currently read all the released chapters and it is awesome so far. I’m really glad Obata gets back to the Death Note lookalike art style, and it’s amazing that the art doesn’t drop in quality in any chapter, while the art for Bakuman was a bit too comical for me and sometimes the quality dropped.
The setting is basically about a serious military war against some kind of alien invasion on Earth. Our protagonist is stuck in a time loop, after everytime he’s dead he will return to a certain checkpoint before his first day in battle. Everytime he wakes up after a loop he would try to think of ways to train and improve his situation to survive the battlefield. The protagonist has been receiving good development so far, and the story is starting to get compelling. Check this manga out if it sounds interesting to you. Warning that it has quite some gory scenes though.


Edge of Tomorrow Concept Art by Jerad Marantz.